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Outdoor Heating Solutions is your source for outdoor heating products; we put our heart and soul into what we do. Outdoor Heating Solutions has over 12 years specialist infrared heating expertise. Working closely with some of the worlds leading manufacturers, we have helped their research and product development, and as a result we carry a unique range of infrared heating products designed to allow our clients to enjoy their outdoor living space year round.


Our Products


Our infrared heaters provide warming with the advantages of clean, safe, comfort, healthy and reliable sun-like heating  allowing you to use your outdoor space year round.

 Outdoor Heating Solutions challenges traditional heating with its advantages of low carbon, energy-saving, eco-friendly , and  is quickly becoming a new trend of healthy and comfortable warming style.



Enclosed Lanai Installation
Enclosed Lanai Installation
Lanai Installation
Enclosed Lanai Installation
Angled Installation
Installation without controllers
Outdoor Kitchen Installation
Commerical Outdoor Installation
In-Home Installation
In-Home Installation
Lanai Installation
Mediterranean Patio Installation
Enclosed Lanai Installation
The Wave Model
Partially Enclosed Lanai Install
The Infrared Wave with Remote
The Infrared Standard Model
The Bluetooth Enabled Model

Our units are offer maximum flexibility to suit your installation need.  The units can be flush mounted on the ceiling or on the wall with our without the included mounting brackets. Now you can enjoy your outdoor space all year long.  Our infrared heaters are modern and elegantly designed, easy to install and low maintenance, environmentally friendly and energy-saving.  No is smell, no light, no dust, or noise, no risk of tipping over.